DARK SKY Silent Hiking with guided meditation at Moens Klint
 -Stillness and peaceful presence

  • Approx. 10 - 12 km. 8.00 pm - 12.00 pm
  • DARK SKY Stillness retreat for you, who is longing for deep calmness and peaceful presence Introduction to mindfulness and the silent presence of nature in DARK SKY
  • For 4 hours you will be guided to focus your attention on your breathing, your body and your senses with the inspiration of nature. You will quiet your mind and move your attention to your breathing, your body – you will feel the earth and the trees, open to wide spaces, the sky, and the harmony of nature.
  • You will step aside for your usual habits and thinking patterns, open your body and mind, return to your own center, and nature’s boundlessness and silent presence. 
  • It is a bodily experience, which you always can come back to and rest in.
  • Max 15 participants. Price 395 Dkr.

"I attended a Dark silent walk at Moens Klint.
Peaceful  evening in beautiful scenery – Dorte’s wonderful guidance to come into my body and focus on my breathing and just being present made it at very nice experience. Highly recommendable". 


Quiet Dark sky hike with guided meditations is based at Camønogaarden.

After the hikes, awaits homemade fresh organic tomato soup and freshly baked muffins in the courtyard with a crackling bonfire.

Often it is difficult to go to bed because of the high energy. When you feel tried, it is possible to spend the night in cozy 2,3 and 4 persons rooms or in our shelters.

Participants wake up to delicious organic homemade breakfast.

Price for a dobbelroom is 495 Dkr. Soup and organic breakfast 85 + 85 kr. 170 kr.

If you want to stay at Camoenogaarden  please send us a mail: info@camoenogaarden.dk

Both Henrik and Dorte are DARK SKY guides.

Book here:

DARK SKY silent Hike with guided meditations.

the 8th of July 449 kr.

DARK SKY silent walking with guided meditations

the 22th of July 449 kr.