Dortes experiences


  • Independent psychotherapist (MPF) for 30 years and mindfulness instructor for 15 years, consulting in Copenhagen and Berlin.
  • Guide and facilitator for Silent Walks, presence/mindfulness courses in nature in Denmark and the Nordic countries for 10 years.
  • Crisis psychotherapist at CRECEA.

Professional Experience

  • Own business - silent walks/presence courses in nature, individual presence training, and psychotherapy.
  • Psychotherapeutic practice in Copenhagen for 30 years, and now also in Berlin.
  • Worked as a process consultant primarily for daycare centers and schools with educational development, mergers, and innovation processes.
  • Head of the job and education department, business consultant, advisor, and teacher at AOF Metropol for 16 years.
  • Project manager for a three-year project for 100 women of different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Conducted retreats for 15 years.
  • Educated as a teacher of centering Prayer in Contenplative outreach in US.


  • "Sister Emma's Life - Being Loved Forward" - As a member of the board of directors at Retræ, I met Sister Emma Martensen and was very captivated by her charisma and natural authority. For two years, we were immersed in conversation and shared life. She was bilingual because, besides being a sister, she was a trained psychologist and worked for many years as the chief psychologist at Glostrup Hospital in a children's department. She has, among other things, been the leader of the Order of Saint Joseph Sisters when they were 500 sisters. She talked about her training as a sister in a French monastery, her job as a conflict mediator around the world, and much more. This resulted in a book about an exciting lived female life. 


  • School of Applied Meditation and Mindfulness with Jens-Erik Risom and Jacob Piet. A 3-year training as an instructor in applied meditation and mindfulness.
  • Certified psychotherapist for 4 years. Psychotherapeutic Education Center - creative developmental processes, body- and psychodynamic approach. Member of the Psychotherapist Association.
  • 1-year Group Dynamic and Systemic Diploma Education at the Institute for Group Analysis in Copenhagen. Theory and tools for facilitating group processes.
  • Organizational development course at DISPUK. Further education as a counselor at the Danish Pedagogical University.
  • Creative organizational development at CBS, Copenhagen Business School for 1 semester. Teacher training at Zahles Teacher Seminary.
  • Bachelor of International Development Studies, RUC.


  • Participated for a year in a group with Madhurima, who is a teacher, spiritual guide, and author of the book "The Intelligent Heart." We meditated together once a week for a year. I have followed Madhurima's courses and retreats in Maribo.
  • I was in New York State in 2089 and California in April 2022 to participate in a 15-day retreat in Centering Prayer. A meditation I became acquainted with during my training as a mindfulness instructor. I wanted to find a similar practice and approach in the contemplative tradition that suits the modern and globally oriented person - like mindfulness. Centering Prayer was developed by Father Thomas Keating 40 years ago.
  • I collect wise women, in whose wake I can be guided, for example, Maureen from Contemplative Outreach in New York. Together we have held 4 retreats in Denmark. She teaches centering prayer. The next retreat will be an intensive 6 days in October 2022. 3 days of centering prayer instruction and 3 days in silence with 3-4 hours of centering prayer per day.
  • Another wise woman I have conducted courses with is Neel Fasting, who is excellent at unfolding the qualities of nature. In Buenos Aires, I was in January 2020 to immerse myself in Argentine tango together with my lovely husband.
  • I moved to Østmøn to transform an old farm/Camønogaarden into a retreat/course center in 2018 - 2024.

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